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My dissertation, Inevitable Associations: Art, Institution, and Cultural Intersection in Los Angeles, 1973-1988, considered alternative institutions and cultural intersections in bicentennial-era Los Angeles. I argue that alternative arts infrastructure produced nuanced social and spatial convergences, particularly in the context of a redeveloping downtown. My other research interests include legacies of conceptual and performance art, artist identity in the twilight of the welfare state, manifestations of community, urban ideologies, and social movement geographies.



February 2023. "How to Have Fun in Dystopia: Harry Gamboa, Jr.’s L.A. Urbanscape." CAA 2023 Annual Conference. 

February 2021. “Michael Asher, Landlord: LACE, Managerial Power, and Remaking Downtown Los Angeles in the 1970s.” CAA 2021 Annual Conference.

December 2019. "Roughness." The Arc with Marrikka Trotter, podcast by SCI-Arc.


September 1, 2017. “Artifacts of Critical Intervention in 1970s Los Angeles: The Formation of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.” Early Research Initiative Student Conference, The Graduate Center, CUNY.


July 8, 2017. “After Truitt: On Anne Truitt’s Work and Impact.” Dia:Beacon, Community Free Day, Beacon, New York.


March 25, 2017. “Channel Heights Defense Housing: Trial and Error in Richard J. Neutra’s Pocket Utopia.” 33rd Annual Graduate Symposium on the History of Art & Architecture, Boston University.


May 21, 2016. “Materiality from Below: Ritual and Symbolic Functions of the Cosmatesque Pavement.” 5th Annual Art History Graduate Student Conference, University of California, Riverside.

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